What Can We Do While We’re in Colorado Springs?

The BLBR has spent countless hours researching and partnering with local businesses to help make your stay absolutely wonderful. These folks are as invested in our great city as we are and we hope you’ll find some great ideas for activities and excursions here.


Weekly Rides

All throughout the city of Colorado Springs, there are groups and organizations leading road and mountain bike rides. You don’t have to be a local to ride with the locals. Check out these fun rides and meet a few new folks! Most are free of charge.


Local Bike Shops & Rentals

Need a bike while you’re visiting us? What about a quick repair for the bike you brought on your trip? Check with us at the BKBR first to see what we can do, but here are recommendations for local shops too.


Bicycle Outfitters

These guys give you the whole package. Just show up and they’ll take you on amazing tours and some have bikes for rent.


Cycling Events

These are organized rides in the Colorado area that you can participate in. Registration and fees are required.


Kids & Camps

We have suggestions especially for the younger crowd. Whether you stay with your kids or drop them off at a local camp while you go about your own high adventure in the Springs, there are many options for you.



Here are food and drink suggestions that are nearby.