Welcome to the 16th Annual ROLL Bike Art Festival Pre-Show Virtual Preview!

This year’s theme is LICENSE TO ROLL…an homage to bike license plates and the creative excitement that comes with being “Sweet 16”.

Select artworks are on display now at the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort in Colorado Springs, CO and the official Art Opening Reception is FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13, 2020. Watch the calendar!

In the meantime, enjoy this fantastic collection of pieces submitted from artists around the world. Select artworks will be available for purchase in our Shop and for pickup at the Lodge starting May 23.

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Get to know the artists

Ada Bucur Photography



As a photographer, I have often been drawn to capture the essence of movement in a unique and static image. Somehow it is amazing to see in a single frame so much bustle. And cyclists are, in my opinion, the ones who create a feeling of strength in their movement that seems to make the whole world move. Because of this, I had been working on a small series of cycling photography, which also includes these four photos. Each of those was taken using a different photographic technique.

The Haziness – I enjoyed spending time watching cyclists cross the streets of the Canadian city of Vancouver and trying to capture the speed with which they move with my camera. So, using natural light and moving my camera at the same pace as the bike in a technique called panning, I managed to immortalize this cyclist. As a result, the whole world in the frame moves at the same time as him, but only his image is clear.

The Dilution – Here, in an amazing sunset I hunted with my camera the movement of cyclists, who came on the shore of the ocean for a raid in this beautiful natural light. To capture this photo, my camera was on the tripod and I used a long exposure. As a result, the image of the cyclist is unclear but with a sense of moving and the entire world around him is clear and unmoved.

The Illusion – I took this photo in a forest in Vancouver, where mountain bikers go for training. For this image in which everything seems to move and where everything is almost unclear as to if scattered everywhere, I used the panning technique being very close to my subject. For a stronger image effect, the cyclist’s clothes matched the environment.

The Jump – In this photo, the cyclist’s jump is further enhanced by the light used. For this effect I combined natural light with artificial light, emphasizing not only the jump but also the colour of the forest. Moreover, the bright light created a strong contrast between the various parts of the image, the shaded parts being very dark.

Yolanda Sánchez, Artist

Hello, how are you doing!

My name is YOIVSAHI, I am Mexican, I am an artist, I am a dancer and so, creative of the life.

My work is very inspired by nature and organic forms.

On this occasion I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate in this year’s Annual Roll Art Festival, with three of my drawing pieces.

For me it is very important to capture the color since I consider that this is one of the main characteristics that we see in nature, a great diversity of colors and tones of them. Therefore I chose to use markers and wood colors for the drawings that will be in the sample, because I think these allow me to diversify my range of colors and capture that capacity of surprise that invades you when you see nature, it’s one of the intentions that I would like the viewer to feel while watching my work.

And at the same time, it allowed me to merge flowers and plants that are of my favorites, as they are: the sunflower, for its connection with the great astro sun, the gerbera that has a great range of colors and the cacti, which are also very representative of my country.

I also obviously fused with bicycles, in this case, with vintage bikes, which I like very personally and I think give a romantic and feminine touch to the work

So, well, I hope you enjoy it very much, that you like it and don’t stop riding their bikes for nothing.

If you want to follow me on Instagram, you find me as Yoivsahi Art.

Morgan Singleton Bio

Two things have always been consistent in my world – bikes and art. I remember the day I took the training wheels off my bike (I was around 6 years old). I was grounded and for some reason decided that was the day to take the training wheels off. I was only allowed to ride in the driveway, but of course that didn’t last very long. It was all I could do to keep my excitement to our driveway and the neighbors’. You see once those training wheels came off I discovered freedom. Of course my dad came home from work and saw me in the neighbor’s driveway, but was more surprised that I was riding my bike without the training wheels.

I love exploring the city on my bike. I love finding random stuff (license plates, silverware, anything really) bringing it home and using it for art. I also love sharing the adventures on my grey bike by taking photographs.

My Grandma used to run (maybe even own?) an art gallery in Miami. My Mom is an artist. My biological father was an artist. I have a painting from my great grandfather and one from my grandma’s brother-in-law. So art has always been a part of me, part of my DNA even. Over the years the bikes have come and gone and with those came all the old bike parts. I’ve been collecting parts for years thinking I would be able to do something with them. Well a couple of years ago I started finally playing around with those bike parts and spraypaint and then resin, so here we are.

Adventures of a Grey Bike (Morgan Singleton)



MAY 15, 2020

My photography expresses my great desire for a connection to nature and events, as well as documentation for my memories. Every “shooting” experience has been an adventure for the past 10 years. I enjoy learning from other fine artists in my Peak Digital Imaging Society, along with competing routinely in art shows like the Buffalo Lodge, the Colorado State Fair, and the Academy Art and Frame Co. I remain an amateur photographer with photo opportunities in the USA and abroad: Greece, Zambia, The Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland. My favorite photo images may found on FineArtAmerica.com and Pixels.com. Like music, I hope my work surprises others, and builds comfort, faith, and hope within our enchanting world!

Alexandra Slezak


My creative journey began in Maryland, USA, studying the traditions of photography and charcoal drawing while earning my AAS from Montgomery College, but after experiments with art and consciousness, I found catharsis in creating mixed- media paintings and found-object sculptures concerned with sustainability. I strive to use natural and reclaimed materials fused with alchemical painting techniques to create works embodying transcendental imagery and energy. Observations in nature and meditation inspire my paintings, that aim to illustrate an alignment achieved between our inner and outer landscapes. Through an emphasis on the materials and processes themselves, intricate textures and abstractly familiar forms coexist on the canvas to create scenes from a niche in-between the real and unreal.

Beyond painting, I create sculptures from recycled materials such as synthetic corks, hub caps, and scrap bike parts. Some of these sculptures are intended to be collectively completed in a community setting to build awareness of our environmental impact as consumers. This sculpture work is created with the intention of working towards a greener, kinder world by advocating sustainable practices and heightened environmental responsibility through direct community engagement in the arts. Collective sculpture was the focus of my residency at Woodstock Artists Association and Museum and continues to be a facet in many of my found object projects. I live and volunteer in Maryland, where my artwork has been in group exhibitions, including Maryland Federation of Art’s 40 Under 40: Young Artist National Showcase and the Washington County Arts Council Gallery.