Underpass Reflections by Morgan Singleton


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Photo Printed on Metal – Ready to Hang

Artist Location: Denver, CO   USA

10″ x 10″ x .5″

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Two things have always been consistent in my world – bikes and art. I remember the day I took the training wheels off my bike (I was around 6 years old). I was grounded and for some reason decided that was the day to take the training wheels off. I was only allowed to ride in the driveway, but of course that didn’t last very long. It was all I could do to keep my excitement to our driveway and the neighbors’. You see once those training wheels came off I discovered freedom. Of course my dad came home from work and saw me in the neighbor’s driveway, but was more surprised that I was riding my bike without the training wheels.

I love exploring the city on my bike. I love finding random stuff (license plates, silverware, anything really) bringing it home and using it for art. I also love sharing the adventures on my grey bike by taking photographs.

My Grandma used to run (maybe even own?) an art gallery in Miami. My Mom is an artist. My biological father was an artist. I have a painting from my great grandfather and one from my grandma’s brother-in-law. So art has always been a part of me, part of my DNA even. Over the years the bikes have come and gone and with those came all the old bike parts. I’ve been collecting parts for years thinking I would be able to do something with them. Well a couple of years ago I started finally playing around with those bike parts and spraypaint and then resin, so here we are.

Adventures of a Grey Bike (Morgan Singleton)



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