Planetary Wind Chime by Alexandra Slezak


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Bike Parts & Wire

Artist Location: Silver Spring, MD   USA

36″ x 6″ x 6″

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My creative journey began in Maryland, USA, studying the traditions of photography and charcoal drawing while earning my AAS from Montgomery College, but after experiments with art and consciousness, I found catharsis in creating mixed- media paintings and found-object sculptures concerned with sustainability. I strive to use natural and reclaimed materials fused with alchemical painting techniques to create works embodying transcendental imagery and energy. Observations in nature and meditation inspire my paintings, that aim to illustrate an alignment achieved between our inner and outer landscapes. Through an emphasis on the materials and processes themselves, intricate textures and abstractly familiar forms coexist on the canvas to create scenes from a niche in-between the real and unreal.

Beyond painting, I create sculptures from recycled materials such as synthetic corks, hub caps, and scrap bike parts. Some of these sculptures are intended to be collectively completed in a community setting to build awareness of our environmental impact as consumers. This sculpture work is created with the intention of working towards a greener, kinder world by advocating sustainable practices and heightened environmental responsibility through direct community engagement in the arts. Collective sculpture was the focus of my residency at Woodstock Artists Association and Museum and continues to be a facet in many of my found object projects. I live and volunteer in Maryland, where my artwork has been in group exhibitions, including Maryland Federation of Art’s 40 Under 40: Young Artist National Showcase and the Washington County Arts Council Gallery.

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