Torie Giffin, Owner, Operator of Buffalo Lodge a Bicycle Resort

Torie Giffin, Owner, Operator of Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort

Torie Giffin, the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort’s visionary and intrepid leader, has always led with her heart and passion for others. Hospitality is at her core. So, when she decided to create a resort for cyclists there was no question she was going to make it great.

The vision started in 2015. There have been hundreds of conversations with friends and community and cycling advocates over more than a few cups of coffee and Colorado’s famous brews. There are some wonderful hotels in Colorado Springs but none that caters specifically to the outdoor adventurer and especially the bicyclist. Our dreams, paired with a statewide bicycling campaign, Gov. John Hickenlooper’s declaration that Colorado will become the best state in the U.S.A. for cycling, and a realization of Outdoor Recreation as an economic driver, seemed the perfect storm and an inspiration to be a part of the transformation.

After scouring many inviting locales, developed or not, Torie learned the historic Buffalo Lodge was for sale and it seemed to perfectly fit her vision because of location, price, history and so much more. It was love at first sight. Although there were quite a few issues to secure the property and a few setbacks, Torie and her family (mother Nancy, daughter Delanie, and sons Levi and Daniel) and bought it on June 17, 2016 with the plans for refreshing and transforming the Buffalo Lodge into a haven for cyclists and adventurers, and got straight to work!

Buffalo Lodge owner, Torie and her mom, Nancy